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Australia English Tutoring Online

Online English Language Learning based in Australia.
Bloom Australia English Tutoring is a feedback and results driven online English language tutoring service provided by native English speakers from Australia and highly qualified teachers. We take pride in delivering a service that is tailored to the student’s specific requests. The lessons are comprehensive and friendly with advice for developing English language skills given during every lesson.

Bloom Australia English Tutoring is an Australian based education business that currently offers online English support in the following areas:

Test preparation; including for IELTS and Cambridge Certificates of English among many other English tests.

Academic contexts; perhaps you need help with essay writing skills, grammar, pronunciation, creating oral presentations and other skills related to developing your academic performance at university or school.

Professional contexts; perhaps you would like to improve written and spoken communication for work and your confidence in delivering presentations among other skills.

At Australia English Tutoring, we understand the need for effective English communication to achieve your future goals. A team of university educated tutors from Australia with over 6 years of experience working with students from a diverse range of language backgrounds are ready to work with you, one on one to improve your English language skills.

Online English Tutoring with Australia English Tutoring

Tutoring happens online via Zoom giving internationally based students access to native-English speaking tutors in Australia. The sessions are 1-hour each and can be scheduled according to the student’s needs and timetable.

Online English tutoring sessions using Zoom software are both convenient and immediate. The tutor and student can both share their computer screens to present information including writing, pictures, video and audio. The tutor can annotate the screen using their interactive pen and show real-time edits and corrections to the student’s English writing. Students can access documents immediately through the ‘chat’ function and save all of their language learning resources in a neat central location on their computer. The tutor and student can share Google Documents and they can be edited in real time for both to see. Online English language tutoring is convenient and accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Key strengths at Australia English Tutoring

Bloom Australia English Tutoring are highly educated native-English speaking tutors from Australia with a wealth of experience (online and face-to-face) helping students to reach their English language learning goals.

They are patient and pay close attention to each student to determine their learning areas for development. They provide constant oral and written feedback to develop student’s awareness of the aspects of their learning that need more attention and educate the student on how to effectively meet and make progress with their English communication. They are versed in online education and can easily share learning resources and maximise the potential of video-conferencing platforms like Zoom. They are friendly and provide positive reinforcement to the student to encourage them and make learning a really positive experience.

Writing Check

Writing Check is an offline additional service offered by Bloom Australia English Tutoring. The student completes a 1-page writing task e.g. IELTS Writing Task 2 (short essay) and sends it to us. A native-English speaking and qualified tutor corrects the mistakes. They return the student’s original document with corrections and a Language Learning Areas Report describing and detailing the student’s errors so that they are clearly understood by the student.

This service is highly regarded by the student and tutor alike. Writing Check allows the student to clearly see where they need to improve their English language skills. For example, grammatical mistakes and problems with sentence structure. Writing Check provides a clear platform for overcoming English communication errors.

Writing Check coupled with Online Tutoring Sessions can be an excellent use of a student’s time. The student’s errors are highlighted quickly, shown clearly and explained in the Writing Check. These errors can be the focal points of a subsequent online lesson. A student’s knowledge of English can be expanded beyond writing but into vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation lessons and much more within the online classes.

Bloom Australia English Tutoring

Our Services

English Test Preparation

We help students to improve their writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills for IELTS and Cambridge Certificates of English tests among many others.

Academic English

We help students to improve their essay writing skills, grammar, pronunciation, oral presentations and develop their academic performance at university or school.

English for Professional Contexts

We help employees improve written and spoken communication for work and within professional contexts.

Our Teachers


Alexandra is a qualified English Language Teacher with 6 years of experience. She has taught students from elementary to academic levels online and at a range of schools in Melbourne, Darwin and at a business and economics university in China. She has a Bachelor with Honours Degree in Linguistics and Anthropology from Monash University, a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Alexandra thoroughly enjoys helping students to reach their learning goals, she speaks Spanish, and has attempted to learn Mandarin and Portuguese!

Services and Pricing


Give it a go!
  • 1x 30-minute Tutoring Session Online
  • + FREE Writing Check (Offline)
  • Delivered by a qualified and native-English speaking tutor


Reach your goals!
  • 6x 1-hour Tutoring Sessions Online
  • Learn with a qualified and native-English speaking tutor


Refine writing skills!
  • Send your 1-page writing document
  • Receive a report with detailed feedback on your errors and areas for improvement
  • Delivered by a qualified and native-English speaking tutor
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